Financial Services

Our Process

  • Meet The Client

    Meet the client (really meet the client). We get your life story and ask very specific questions about how you operate and what obstacles stand in your way of keeping up with your business outside of just the one thing you do really well.

  • Set Goals

    We require you to select three tangible goals that we can prove have occurred without you having to learn our function but couldn’t produce without having actually completed the requested work.

  • Identify Challenges

    We dig into the books and identify major pain points which we can correct and make suggestions and correct. Our objective is always to open cash flow and empower you, the business owner.

  • Create Policies

    We begin to create accounting policies, all are GAAP compliant but the core of the process revolves around the business owners’ behavior, making them meet statues halfway

  • Grow

    Grow you to a place where you can bring the functions in-house. Create a process manual and interview candidates. We narrow choices to three candidates that fit your budget and who’s personalities match well with you, the business owners. We then offer 30 days of free support to your company to ensure the transition goes well.

Financial services are the detailed steps to getting it right. From the day-to-day bookkeeping data entering, to preparation for taxes, each detail is part of dealing with rules, regulations and compliances.

Calculating Destiny has the experience and the staff to make sure your company’s financial statements meet the lastest government standards and meet your needs as well. We look at your books, not just as a task, but a window into the heart of your company.

We are so confident in our accounting services that we 100% guarantee our work, to make sure you are protected.