Litigation Support

Forensic accountants provide invaluable litigation support for attorneys in the courtroom. Our extensive accounting background allows us to view legal matters from many different angles and, as a result, generate new, creative litigation strategies.

Calculating Destiny’s diverse team of professionals provides expert litigation support and forensic accounting services. We analyze complex accounting issues, trace funds, rebuild destroyed financial records, conduct fraud investigations, and more to unwind fraud schemes. Our team supports you throughout all phases of a dispute. Our services help the most experienced lawyers overcome the difficulties of analyzing financial data and using it as evidence.

As Forensic Accountants We:

  • Gather and analyze financial records
  • Conduct financial investigations
  • Discover and preserve key evidence
  • Explain financial data’s significance
  • Assist with case assessment and strategy
  • Tell attorneys what additional information may be needed to prove the case
  • Review and critique the opposition’s calculations
  • Prepare questions for the opposing counsel and their witnesses

As Expert Witnesses We:

  • Prepare claim calculations and expert reports
  • Attend settlement meetings or conference calls to explain and defend calculations
  • Testify in court as an expert witness and support other expert witnesses on the case
  • Refute opposing experts’ testimonies

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