Remote Controlling

What many small business owners have learned is that it is far too easy to overpay for someone whose most valuable abilities will only be used a fraction of the time. Instead it is much more cost-effective to parcel out specific duties to two or three part-time or outsourced individuals – such as a bookkeeper, accountant, controller or CFO – who will devote their time only to their core functions and areas of expertise. Why pay the high salary of a controller, for instance, only to have him or her spend time doing the lower-paying work of a bookkeeper? Those same owners also have learned that adding financial and accounting responsibilities to their own or other managers’ or employees’ workloads is inefficient at best and can lead to disaster. Your company is too valuable to put its future anywhere but in the hands of professionals. In addition to the substantial cost savings, business owners who entrust their financial, accounting and bookkeeping responsibilities to a Remote Controller receive two even more precious commodities: time and peace of mind.

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