I’ve recently spoken with several small businesses that are having a really difficult time
defining themselves. They are trying so hard to be broad in an effort not miss an
opportunity for work, that they are appearing vague, disorganized, and not trustworthy.

With millions and millions of businesses trying to differentiate themselves from their
competitors, a lot of businesses believe that adding more and more products and
services is going to make them more appealing. However, it actually does the opposite.
More features tend to make the business’ products more confusing. That’s why it’s so
important to limit your focus to the one or few things that matter the most to the most

Here are three ways that this lack of focus can actually be the death of your business:

1. You don’t have the ability to scale your infrastructure too much
No matter what products or services that you are offering, it is extremely important that
you implement reliable, efficient, and effective processes to ensure quality and stability.
However, when you have multiple products or services, the ability to build these
processes adequately becomes more difficult. Since each product or service requires
different stages of development, testing, manufacturing, marketing, and distribution,
each time you add a product or service your risk of failing to establish the right
processes only increases.

2. Too many features make it difficult to craft a memorable message
Have you ever been in a class where the teacher explains so much that you don’t grasp
any of the information? Trying to create a memorable message when you have too
many features associated with your products or services becomes nearly impossible.
Instead, people will look for that company that successfully hones in on the most
important solution. Simple often makes things easier to recall later on.

3. Your team will have to do more and get frustrated wearing too many hats
When you have too many products and/or services, many small businesses and start-
ups don’t have the funds to hire enough of the right people. Instead, employees that are
already with the company are often asked to step up and take on multiple positions
without the compensation for such. When your team feels tired and frustrated, it is also
easier for them to become less motivated. When this occurs, your team’s overall morale
can greatly impact the customer experience, only to make matters worse.
As you can see, it is very important that the whole team is on the same page. This
includes everything from company brand identity to company values. Maintaining a straightforward, simple, and easily communicated focus to your team is essential. Each
team member should be able to name the company’s top three priorities.
That’s why a strong brand identity is a must. So how do you excel at generating and
converting opportunities while still remaining true to your brand identity, services, and
values? By being the best in your chosen niche, focusing on the right things, and
providing the right brand identity, you can win.

What is a Brand Identity?

Your brand identity is your business’ personality; a promise to your customers. The
manner in which you present your message and its content can make all the difference.
But before a company can present its message in the correct manner, it must
understand who it is and what it is offering. In order to do this you must know your
brand. This includes everything from your target audience to your unique selling
proposition – those very things that make you the choice for your target demographic
and not your competitors. Once you have clearly identified who you are and what you
stand for, it is then much easier to produce a cohesive marketing plan in which all media
maintains your brand identity.
It is key that you remember that not everyone will love your brand identity – and that’s
totally okay! In fact, that’s preferred. While you may not seize every single possible
opportunity, you will achieve the right ones.

Calculating Destiny, LLC Can Help

At Calculating Destiny, LLC, we are a team of knowledgeable and experienced
professionals that is dedicated to helping improve your business process – no matter
what you are selling.
We work both on location and remotely, integrating into your existing team. Our ability
to accurately and compliantly run your business allows you and your team to have a
clear understanding of the challenges that may present themselves, how to overcome
them, and how to set and achieve tangible goals. Through internal audits, process
manuals, operations, and training & education, our number one goal is to help your
company grow – even if that means outgrowing our services.
To learn more about how we can help to put your business back on track for financial
success, schedule a free consultation by visiting us online or calling us at 215-674-3430

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